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February 15, 2010

Wembe Amazonian Soul Soaps

Striving to create a greener world, Wembe meaning "a name given by a GuaranĂ­ tribe to a tropical plant considered as the Amazon's rare jewels", is 100% organic and eco-friendly.  Believing in the benefits of nature Wembe uses natural essences from the Amazon to help detoxify, moisturize and create relaxtion when you use their products.

The Green Blue River Exfoliating Blend ($9.75) bar is 3.75 ounces made up of vegetable oils, washed sand, vegetable clay and vegetable dyes. This buffing bar is full of essential oils that work wonderfully on tired feet.  Since I've become pregnant with my third child I have had the hardest time keeping up with my pedicures and foot exfoliation.  It is just one of those things that has fallen by the wayside.  This winter has been incredibly dry and my feet have become so rough that they now stick to my socks.  It's awful.  The first time I used Wembe's Green Blue River Exfoliating Blend bar it was in the shower. I found it easy to use and very efficient.  The washed sand is at the end of the bar and it really works.  I scrubbed my feet in minutes and was done.  Afterwards my socks just slid over my feet!  Using it again a few days later took all the calluses off my heels.  Each time I use it my feet become softer without any drying.  I would never have thought to exfoliate my feet in the shower.  Scrubs don't work as they wash off but the Green Blue River Exfoliating Blend has become the perfect solution to my problem. 

Wembe has a minimum three bar purchase on their website but you can purchase Wembe soaps at Uncommon Goods too.  Wembe has a wide array of other fine soaps including a Mango Cleansing Blend and other facial bars for your individual cleansing needs. 

MPR Ratings:  Four Stars. 

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this posting. Products were received and kept for testing purposes. The opinions in this review are solely my own.

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