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I write honest reviews. These are assessed from my own personal experiences with a product or service. The reviews may include both positive and negative feedback.

I receive complimentary samples for review purposes. I may choose to keep samples or offer them up in giveaways. What I do with these samples after the reviews have been written is without endorsement.

Occasionally I receive honoraria as compensation for the time I spend reviewing a product or service regarding my own review experience. Honoraria is in the form of gift certificate. If I am paid to write about a service or product it is not a regular review and is tagged by the word 'sponsor'.

Any statements made by me that is reprinted in the context of posts on this site and attributed to my original reviews is my own personal opinion. I will not be held liable for the experiences of my readers should they choose to purchase any items reviewed as part of one of my reviews.

Statements made by me in the context of my reviews are covered by this blog disclaimer.

Mummy's Product Reviews is not responsible for shipment of the prize(s) unless otherwise specified. Mummy's Product Reviews is not responsible if prize(s) are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise do not meet winner(s) expectations. Mummy's Product Reviews is not responsible if winner(s) provide incorrect shipping information.

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