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February 19, 2010

La Falaise French Organic Soap

Using th earth's finest ingredients La Falaise organic soap is genuinely French, therapeutic and luxurious.  Whether you are purchasing their bath salts, soaps or shower gels you can be sure that no harsh chemicals were used, no animals were harmed and no culture was exploited while creating and packaging these products.

The La Falaise Pink Clay and Cameline shower gel and bar soap were sent to me to test.  The minimal packaging is bright pink and recyclable.  Camiline is an essential oil used in both products and it is a great anti-inflammatory and Vitamin E source. Pink Clay is good for softening skin and gentle cleansing which makes it a wonderful soap or shower gel for relieving tired skin or protecting sensitive skin.  The soaps rinse well and don't dry your skin either.  I found both to be quite soothing and not overly perfumed. In fact, the soft rose and geranium scent is so light it simply floats in the steamy shower air momentarily and then dissipates without leaving a cloying scent behind.  So often rose-scented bath products end up smelling powdery and old as well as quite heavy but not La Falaise.  The only problem I encountered was that I had a hard time opening the shower gel bottle.  I would advise removing the plastic tab before entering the shower.  It took me quite a few tries while in the shower to remove it.  Both products are gentle and relaxing to use though and this makes them perfect for moms and babies.  As a gift set, which La Falaise offers, it is a good go-to gift item for a baby shower or for a new mother. 

La Falaise has an entire line of soaps, salts and shower gels in a variety of scents.  All of them are 100% natural and guaranteed to please.  There is a full gift set line and items that can be bundled together too.  La Falaise products can be purchased online or by catalog. 

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this post. Opinions are based on my thoughts only.  Products were received and used for testing purposes only.