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February 22, 2010

ScarAway- The Solution for Scars

Beyond being a mother to an accident-prone child, I am also wife to an accident-prone man. I got my training early and scars are nothing new. We have tried every cream, gel, lotion and band-aid type cover on scars and had mixed results. None has lived up to ScarAway. I cannot say this enough.

We received a 12 week supply (the standard box size of 12 sheets, $29.99) and it came right on time. Our four-year-old had recently cut her forehead open on some pavement and had a rather nasty, jagged gash. The doctor in the ER told me she might need plastic surgery later in life to lessen its appearance. I cried a bit over that one. Reluctantly, I placed a small piece (you can easily trim the 1.5" x 3"sheets to size) of ScarAway on her forehead before bed and did not believe I would see any noticeable results. This latex-free, ultra-thin silicone sheet is self-adhesive and it can even be washed and reused. I was amazed. In order for our daughter to wear it, each night we had to draw a red heart on it but a red ballpoint pen did the trick. She would put in on her forehead after brushing her teeth and in the morning, we would easily remove it without any pain or tears. I wish we could say the same thing for hair brushing. There were no side effects and the sheet really contours to fit an area. After one week, I noticed some redness in her scar was gone. Three weeks later all of the redness was gone, the gash filled in partially, flattened and it is almost invisible! I have never seen anything work so well. I am truly grateful to this amazing product and the people who make it. Thankfully, it is also available over the counter.

ScarAway works wonders. I cannot stop recommending it to everyone I know who needs a product like this. Just last week I wrote it down for a mother at playgroup whose daughter had almost the same injury as mine. It is truly a gentle, efficient, amazing product!

ScarAway is recommended for ages three and up and can be purchased online at the company website.  Various sizes are available as well as a Silicone Gel Scar Diminishing Serum. 

MPR Rating: Five Stars.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. Opinions are completely my own and any product received was for testing purposes only.

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Stephanie Manner Wagner said...

I wish this was approved for the even littler ones! One of my 20 month old twins took quite the tumble recently. The Dr. removed his stitches a couple weeks ago and the scab fell off leaving us with quite the scar at the moment.

I'll definitely keep this in mind, thanks for sharing!

Susan Taylor said...

Hi Stephanie, I used ScarAway on my infant son after a cleft lip repair with amazing results. I understand "Mummy's" comment that she "cried a little" at the thought of her child needing surgery to reduce the scar. It is painful to think of our precious babies having life long scars that can affect their appearance and self confidence. I called the ScarAway company with a question about washing the scar patch and they said they did not recommend I use it on my son due to a "choking hazard". Otherwise it is perfectly fine, drug-free and latex free. Well...I continued to use it anyway, and am so glad. His scar is barely even visible. :) It is a wonderful, gentle option for those of us needing scar treatment for our children. If you are sure your little one will not get his/her hand on the patch and eat is fine to use. I used a small amount of medical tape over my sons ScarAway strip to ensure this. I am very grateful for this product. Thanks ScarAway.