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February 26, 2010

Die Fat or Get Tough by Steve Siebold

According to Steve Siebold, author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, there are 101 differences in the thinking between fat people and fit people. Siebold is brief in his book 'Die Fat or Get Tough' to the point and with no holds barred. As he states early on in the introduction and at the end of the book "it hits hard, never lets up and all efforts to be politically correct were abandoned early in this project." Consider that your warning.

This book is definitely a self-help book. If you have ever watched the DVD or read the book, The Secret, then you are well versed in this type of concept. When I started reading it I had to laugh, it is as if the book was written, not by Siebold, but by my husband and Henry Rollins. This is not going to be some handholding, full of love read. This is the end of the road. You want to lose weight and stay healthy? Read this book. Personally, I think the women from Skinny Bitch books are meaner than Siebold but read the book and you decide.

I did not find this book offensive like some might. Differences like, "Fat people believe there's a hidden secret to being healthy. Fit people know there is no secret." are just fact to me. I believe that moderation is key in all things in life and if you want to stay fit, be healthy so you can live a long life you need to know that it is going to take work, persistence and help from others. You cannot be surrounded by people who do not believe in an active, healthy lifestyle and still stay fit. It just doesn't work that way. Look at what the Shredheads have accomplished. I believe that as you get older you have to work harder and be strategic in your goals. So does Siebold.  I don't believe that just because I've had two kids and a third is on the way that I can no longer go back to my old clothes. Sure, my body shape changes but I don't have to hang on to the weight or lose muscle and tone just because I've aged and had babies. I want to be strong and good role model to my kids. I want to have energy and not get winded going up the stairs. I like running and working up a sweat. These are all keys to staying fit. Siebold lays them out in a blunt manner but it is the same thing. Putting off the gym or any type of exercise puts off a healthy, happy you. You want to eat a bunch of processed food that is made up of sugar, fat and carbs then you'll gain weight. It is that simple.

I enjoyed this book. I believe that it is not for everyone because, like Siebold, I think some people aren't mentally tough enough to face the facts. Getting fit, losing weight and keeping it off becomes harder as you age. You have to see the joy in exercise and not think of it as a chore. It has to be part of your life and not something you slog through daily. OK, some slogging is allowed, but it has to be a habit and a bit of a passion too. You literally have to get tough mentally to get fit. If not, then you die fat.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post.  Opinions are solely my own and no one elses.  Product was received for review purposes only.