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September 26, 2008

Fun Find- Umi Shoes

I know that I have talked about the wonderfulness that is Umi Shoes before. It's Fall and with the temps dropping I have to say it again. These shoes are simply the best for kids. I fell in love with them immediately and then the sheer fact that they lasted a whole Fall and Winter last year just cemented it.

Like any good company they have new styles for this season and we tested out the Wallflower boots ($58) and the Pram style Bumpershoot ($38) shoes, which are new this year. These shoes are high quality and innovative in design. They are breathable, well-padded and super comfortable. My daughter loved them last year and was very excited to see a new pair in her closet this time. I love how the Pram style has an actual sole on the shoe which is wonderful for the transition to shoes from booties and for the colder months. The breathable leather used on all the shoes keeps kids and babies feet from sweating too.

An added bonus and big plus in my book is that the packaging from Umi is minimal. It is environmentally friendly and the company as a whole really cares about what customers think about their product. The detail on all the shoe styles is so well-done with fine stitching and high end materials used to create a very nice pair of shoes, boots or sandals. You cannot go wrong when buying a pair of Umi's.