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December 28, 2007

Umi Shoes

Recently Umi Shoes sent me a pair of terrific little boots for my daughter and I to review. Umi is very conscientious of what mothers think and like about their shoes and what they don't like. They are a company that really wants feedback on their product so I was more than happy to oblige.

Umi shoes are handcrafted in a European styling which I find very appealing. I'm not one for a cookie cutter look for my child so I love their unique designs and flourishes that adorn their shoes, boots and sandals. Umi wants you to know that "they are devoted to the happiness of your child's feet. Their shoes are colorful, fanciful and playful. Just like the children who wear them."

Honestly? After opening the box and checking out these boots I have to agree with them. They really put a lot of detail and care into their product. The stitching is finely done and the leather of a high quality. The detailing is incredibly cute but it is also not just some glued on applique, but stitched on very well. The soles are remarkably sturdy too. The insole is cushioned and lined with a beautiful and colorful fabric. These boots wear well! My daughter took to them immediately throwing aside her Pumas and Pedipeds for these boots ($55). They are great for the fall and winter with their thick soles and high tops. While the price is steep they have worn so well and remain nice looking despite being highly tested over the last three months. My kid wears these boots almost every day and they still look and feel new and she is tough on her shoes. Many past pairs wear out in a month but these Umi boots have not. They are sized nicely too. I can easily hand these shoes down to another child they keep so well. Because they are real leather and not synthetic you can polish them up too. I can't say it enough that Umi shoes are solid and great shoes.

As an added aside, we lost one of the boots one day in the jungle of a big box store while Christmas shopping. I was at my wits end seeing as both my daughter and I love the shoes so much. I was heartbroken at the thought of losing such a great pair of boots. I had given up all hope of finding that lone lost boot, I had backtracked all over the store three times, when I spotted it. The lime green circle on the sole of the boot gave it away under a rack of men's flannel shirts. If Umi hadn't put that bright green logo on their boot I would have never seen it. I was so thankful to find the boot and for that green circle with the logo on it!

Umi shoes are imaginative and fun. They are also of an incredibly high quality. They are a company that cares what we mothers think and to me that is priceless. Check out more styles and selections of Umi shoes here.