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September 22, 2008

Ilumina Organics- Protecting You and the Earth

Ilumina Organics while not an extensive line of products yet it is becoming known for its high quality ingredients, BPA-free packaging, and putting the environment first. I tested out the Head-to-Toe baby wash, Honey lip balm and Oatmeal and Lavender soap.

The Head-to-Toe baby wash ($9.99) comes in a BPA-free bottle and has a very light fragrance to it. The first thing I noticed about this wash is that it is gentle. There are no harsh chemicals like surfactants or sulfates and it rinses easily too. My daughter had eczema and her skin is very sensitive. Sometimes even organic products are too harsh for her. Illumina's has proven to be one that we can use regularly. It doesn't dry out her skin or hurt her eyes. It's a great all in one product!

The Honey lip balm ($4.99) is nice too. Made up of comfrey, olive oil, organic beeswax and more it is very safe to use. It does not dry out your lips or need frequent application either. I simply swiped it on and instantly my lips felt comforted and soothed. There is no strange taste to it or smell and nothing to irritate my skin. I just feel moisturized and not encased in some waxy substance.
Ilumina's Oatmeal Lavender soap ($5.99) was also a treat. I often find lavender to be a lovely scent if natural but sometimes a bit overpowering and a real turn off. Not so with this soap. Oatmeal has proven to be drying for me as well, but this soap actually serves to remedy my dry third trimester skin. Combine this with the fact that it has no synthetics in it, lathers nicely and lasts a long time, I found this soap to be a good bargain.
Ilumina Organics has an array of gift sets for moms to be, babies and more. It is worth checking out too as the prices are wonderful for the amount of product you get. Their complete line of baby, skin and hair care products is available online at their website.