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September 29, 2008

Sesame Street K'NEX

When I was my daughter's age we did not have cable TV. We did have PBS though and I would watch both showings of the same episode of Sesame Street every day if possible. I still have my tiny Cookie Monster that got me through many a scary night. Even in college. So I was super excited when K'NEX and Team Mom sent me the new Sesame Street-themed building set (Ages 2-5 yrs) for my daughter to test out with her friends.

We received the Cookie Monster building set ($10.99) which comes in a blue canister with a Cookie Monster head shaped lid. Inside we found colorful blue K'NEX rods, connectors and blocks as well as an activity card for different building alternatives. I subtly placed the canister on a table and when my daughter arrived home from school with a friend she and her friend immediately went towards it. Unlike other K'NEX blocks these kid ones are easy for little ones to use and can be added to other kiddie block sets. Each set contains about 14-15 pieces and there are a few Sesame Street characters to choose from.

The kids tackled the pieces together and looked over the other building ideas in a matter of minutes. While they initially needed help figuring the set out it was a good way for them to work together and share a toy. They liked how the limbs on Cookie were movable too. Once my daughter discovered that Cookie could be built in a variety of ways she wanted to play with the toy often with or without us. She now loves to tote her Cookie Monster around in a stroller as well.

I found this toy to be a great way for kids to play and work together and use their imaginations. Either gender would like one of these sets and the price of $10.99 for the basic set is reasonable. There are other sets as well that are priced higher but include more pieces and they are still priced fairly. The K'NEX Sesame Street blocks make a great addition to your playroom, classroom or as a gift. I highly recommend them and the easy store canister.


Tiffany said...

I'm glad to read this...I've seen these in stores and wondered about them. They didn't look very fun, but your description makes me re-think.

The Jaggers said...

I need to get in touch with you.

We really enjoyed your website.We have been searching for a good review. Thank-You this helps make our choice much easier for our child who has a disability and a birthday in November.