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January 4, 2008

Friday Fun Find- Cocoon Couture

If you like vibrant designs, vintage fabrics and a touch of the 1970s then look no further than Cocoon Couture. These hand woven, machine washable bean bag covers are great for sprucing up your child's room every day of the year.

I love the cute little animals applique's on each cover and how each cover seems unique. The pinwale covers are durable and clean easily too. Looking for a gift for a child that is bit on the atypical side? Then consider a bean bag cover from Cocoon Couture. If a bean bag cover is not your thing, then take a look around their website at the accessories, the sweet cot covers, kinder bags and bookends also make a nice addition to a child's room, world, or as a gift.

For more great finds at Cocoon Couture visit them here.