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January 12, 2012

Tips for Getting Product Reviews on Your Blog

Spend any time at all immersed in the blog world and you’ll begin to notice that some bloggers get to review different products from time to time, and some bloggers to get to review different products all the time and some bloggers get to review products none of the time. And yet, you’ve never been offered a chance to review any products. Why is that? How come some bloggers have so many different opportunities to review products and some have none at all?

1.      Make your contact information easy to find

Companies are constantly perusing the web to find different places to promote their products. However, if they can’t find any way to get in touch with you, they’ll never reach out to you to try their products, which is why it’s imperative to have a Contact tab on your blog that gives a valid email address and explains that you’re open to discussing honest product reviews.

2.      Reach out to companies you’re interested in promoting

If there’s a particular company or product that you really believe in and want to promote you should email their marketing person and ask them about coordinating a review or sponsoring a giveaway on your blog. You don’t have to wait for someone to find your blog, and a lot of companies are more than happy to work with bloggers and get some additional exposure.

3.      Join a blogging network

There are a lot of different blogging networks out there that will partner with you to create a mutually beneficial relationship – they’ll place specific ads on your website and in turn will promote you as well. A lot of companies find blogs to utilize for product promotions through these types of networks.

4.      Review products on your own

If there’s something you’re passionate about – whether it’s in a positive or negative light – review it on your blog! This will help show others that you’re the type of blogger that does open and honest reviews, both of which are qualities that companies appreciate. No one wants to read glowing reviews all of the time, they want to read truthful reviews. This will also show marketers that your blog is a place for credible information and good exposure.

5.      Use social media to your advantage

Promote, promote, promote. Promote your blog, promote any reviews you’re doing, link to companies on Twitter, tag companies on Facebook – do whatever you have to do in terms of social media promotion to get people’s attention. Social media is a free and easy resource to connect with others, so use it!

It might be a little intimidating at first to contact a company, but most are more than willing to at least talk to you about sponsoring a review, and once you have one it becomes easier for other companies to find you and utilize you. Reviewing products is fun and informative, and readers love unbiased opinions on products. If someone knows they can count on you to give a candid review of something, even if it’s not necessarily the most glowing review, you immediately become a credible source of information and will become more and more likely to be contacted for product reviews on your blog.

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