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December 9, 2011

sweetriot Chocolate

Fun Find- sweetriot chocolate company is human, globally responsible, irreverent and built for a new generation.  That is the company's mission.  Founder Sarah Endline found cacao during her travels and realized that not many people knew that in countries like West Africa, South & Central America and Asia, cacao is a celebrated food. It is considered spiritual and magical.  With that in mind sweetriot was formed by the riot team with the idea of supporting social causes like fair trade.

One of the things I love about sweetriot is that they use only all-natural, high quality inredients.  The chocolate is intense, rich and lovely.  They are known for their smooth dark chocolate varities and sweetriot nibs, which have a celebrity following.  The flavor of a sweetriot chocolate bar is deep, varied and all around a premium experience.  I loved every savored mouthful of my chocolate bars.

"Welcome to sweetriot.  Join us. Life is a riot. Sweet."

sweetriot products are available at Whole Foods, Zabars, World Market, Publix and many other fine retailers nationwide.