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December 13, 2011

Reuseit Skoy Paper Towels & Earth Tote

Reuseit is a fantastic website that I love to shop on whenever I need to replace something in my house. For example, a few weeks ago my Cuisinart coffeemaker needed a new cup to hold the coffee grounds. The mesh had torn and was coming away from the plastic frame. Reuseit had a perfect fit replacement that can be used in my coffeemaker and many others. The Reuseit one is actually a better quality and a finer strainer than the company brand too.

Reuseit recently sent me some Skoy Paper Towel replacements ($4.95). These can be used to sop up a mess and for everyday cleaning. For a set of four in four colors (blue, green, yellow and natural) you can be wiping up messes and cleaning for a week.  One Skoy cloth replaces 15 paper towels, which is great for the environment.  When the Skoy Paper Towel replacement is dirty just toss it in the wash.  Made from 100% biodegradable wood pulp cellulose and natural cotton Skoy is non-toxic and chlorine free.  You can even clean it in your dishwasher, which I find to be easier and faster.  It's also dryer safe.  If you are trying to conserve paper towels, be more green or save money then the Skoy Paper Towel is a good product to buy from Reuseit.

We all have a variety of reusable bags in our homes these days.  Companies stick their logos on them and hand them out all the time.  The reuseit Earth Tote, Original ($9.95) is a notch above all those other reusable shopping bags.  For one, it is bigger and a nice tall rectangular shape.  It has sturdy handles and a very handy and deep front pocket that you can put lists, notes or other additional items in.  I love it!  

Reuseit is the perfect place to start when you are thinking of going green. It can help you eliminate waste like using plastic utensils, straws, plastic baggies, use-and-toss lunch containers and more.  I love browsing the site to figure out ways that save me money in the long run and the earth right now.

MPR Rating:  Four Stars (both products).

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's only.