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December 7, 2011

BeautyMint Skincare

Fun Find- BeautyMint skincare is a comprehensive line of products designed to marry both science and nature together in one personalized program for your skin. It shows that it is not just the ingredients but how they work together and with your own skin type and needs that proves BeautyMint's efficiency.  Just like JewelMint and StyleMint this line is celebrity endorsed by Jessica Simpson and Nerida Joy, a skincare expert who has been in the business for a few decades.  You can order the products and they will be delivered monthly. 

Go ahead, take the free skin consultation and get started.  I was not enthused initially thinking it would take up precious time but it was under five minutes and seamless.  Immediately I was offered two skincare programs (my personal results) that would tackle my needs and give me the results I was looking for in a skincare routine.  I was told my skincare type (3-6-6) and the option to go for an advanced approach to my skincare needs or a comprehensive one.  I was ready for a hefty price tag to go along with my four and five product kits but didn't see it.  My kits were between $40-50, which I could easily spend at my local Target or drugstore for a new skincare routine.  Plus, there is the 30-day BeautyMint return policy. It's perfect!  You can see results and if you are not happy, return it for a full refund (minus shipping and handling).  Love it! 

BeautyMint promises great results in typically 8 weeks.  Other reviewers found mixed results, or fell in love.  I myself am not posting results on a skincare product that is supposed to be customized but was not.  It doesn't seem right to me to give you possibly false results because the products were not the best ones for my skincare needs and concerns.  However, I will say I agree with both these other bloggers on the look, feel and scent of BeautyMint products. 

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