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December 27, 2011

Mini Kittour by Vonda Just in Case Collection

If you travel a lot then the mini kittour Just in Case individuals and refillables are something you are going to love.  I really could have used this collection when I was traveling so much in the last few years.  While you can pick up a pill case or travel-sized bottles at many drugstores you won't find such a high-quality set like the pieces from mini kittour. 

In beautiful chocolate brown and accented with gold each item holds up well and is the right size for air travel.  They are leak-proof, refillable and customizable.  That last one is one of the best parts to this set.  The recyclable, flexible set of bottles ($6-7), sprayers, vitamin case, jars with screw on caps, and 3 piece dual-ended makeup brushes ($35) comes with a memo pad with 80 waterproof labels and a mini-sharpie ($10) to label each one.  I love it!  You can put your conditioner, shampoo, eye cream, lotions and even makeup remover in these bottles without fear of them breaking and leaking all over your other luggage.  I also love that the four well Vitamin case ($5) is square and flat instead of a bulky rectangle.  You can also get a set of 3 of the clear PET bottles (like the sprayer or lotion pump) for $8. 

I also happen to like the mini kittour Daily Kit ($50) for storing things like makeup and brushes inside my gym bag, diaper bag and car.  I don't have to worry about powers smudging, lip gloss stains or any of those yucky accidents when I carry this.  The outside wipes clean and has a large mirror that many of these cases just don't have. The three brushes inside are super soft and luxurious.  They are long lasting and won't scratch your skin like many cheaper versions do.  In addition to holding two bottles and jars you can add other makeup, a cell phone or even your credit cards.  The outside is nice enough to carry as a clutch too.  It's so perfect!

Created by Vonda Simon a mother, lover of beauty and fashion and business mogul, mini kittour is based on aesthetics, function, portability and convenience.  You can purchase mini kittour items, there are larger cases and so much more, online and stores like Beauty Bar.