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December 23, 2011

The Best Parental Control Software to Protect Your Family

The Internet can be an incredible resource for your children, but it can also put them in danger without proper supervision. There are many ways that a child can be at risk online, including predatory websites, bullying, and, exposure to graphic content. Parents cannot
monitor their kids Internet activities all the time. This makes using parental control software very handy, especially for working parents.

Not all parental filter software available today offers the best protection for your kids. Some may have the protection you want, but they’re not user friendly. For your ease and for the safety of your kids, here are a few of the top most effective and easy to use programs you can

Net Nanny

Net Nanny ranks first among the rest of the filtering software because it blocks not only adult
content but also suspicious chat rooms, emails account, and other forms of Internet danger.
It assures that your children can only play and install games that you think are appropriate.
This parent control program is simple to install and easy to set-up. It also has a feature that
helps you to choose the appropriate program, games and other online activities based on your
child’s age.

PureSight PC

PureSight is a newer company – they’ve been protecting kids from online treats since 1998
– but their software is still very effective. Its latest filtering software ensures your child’s
protection from sites that are considered threats, but at the same time allows access to sites
that are useful. Similar to Net Nanny, PureSight also has many user-friendly features in its

PureSight is designed to totally block pornographic sites. It allows social networking sites
such as Facebook and chat rooms but under strict real time analysis where parents are alerted
in case suspicious interactions or communication happens.


CYBERsitter may not be the most popular name in parental software, but it is one of the best
filtering programs available today. It’s effective and easy to use and is designed to protect
kids from any treats that can be accessed through the Internet. The program is developed so
that you can customize filtering features for any program that allows chatting and emails.
This program also helps to avoid ‘overblocking’ (blocking of harmless programs)
and ‘underblocking’ features (unblocking programs that are considered as threats).

There are many great programs out there to help a busy parent keep an eye on their child’s
online behavior for a reasonable price. For other objective and data driven comparisons, be
sure to check out FindTheBest, where you can compare everything from antivirus software to

*Guest post by Tom, who is part of the editorial staff at FindTheBest.