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October 31, 2011

Teas' Tea

Fun Find-"An array of studies have shown correlations between green to and good cardio health & blood circulation, maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, improvement of brain function, an aid in healthy weight maintenance and alleviation of obesity, a contributing factor to good oral health, immune system boost and more - a long list of positive health implications.  Green tea has potent antiviral and antibacterial properties."

Teas' Tea is authenically brewed, premium tea that is also GMO free.  This all-natural beverage comes in sweetned, unsweetned, low calorie (lightly sweetned) and classic (sweetned) formulas.  Flavors like Rose green, Golden Oolong, Mint Green (my favorite!) and Pure Green quench your thirst while providing antioxidants.  Made with no artifical sweetners or dyes and sweetened with natural cane sugar Teas' Tea is refreshing and a great way to get healthy green tea into your system. 

Get 20% off your Tea online with the code ADA20. Good until December 31, 2011.