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November 2, 2011

Molton Brown Home Fragrance Collection

Molton Brown has recently re-launched their candle collection. Redesigned in new candle sizes and fragrances the Molton Brown collection is ready for the upcoming holiday season.
So what's new with this fabulous collection?  The glass for one.  Each one is hand-blown and hand polished making each one unique.  The candles themselves are hand-filled in Suffolk, England with paraffin wax.  Each candle has a low melting point that makes burning bright, even and with superior fragrance distribution.  An Aromalite cored wick (medio and grande candelas) is made of 100% natural fibres.  No more puddles of wax absorbing and taking over the wick either.  An omni-directional flame handles this typical candle problem. 

The colors, designs and fragrances are rich and bold.  Scents like Heavenly Gingerlily, Golden Solstice, Imp's Whisper, Firefly Embers, Night Tempest, Naran Ji, Re-charge Black Pepper and many more.  For whatever mood or ambiance you want to create you can with this new Molton Brown Home Fragrance Collection. 

Sizes include: 
Piccolo box of four mixed fragrances (two types): $58.00
Medio Candela (single wick): $49.00
Forte Candela (three wicks): $74.00
Grande (six wicks and boxed with own snuff lid): $265.00
Medio and Forte Candela Snuff Lids sold individually: $25.00/$38.00

The new Molton Brown collection is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores.