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October 31, 2011

Hollywood Tans Mystic Tan Review

"It only takes three minutes."  That is music to any busy woman's ears.  To one that is as fair and freckle-prone as me, it sounds like magic. I can be tan in three minutes?  Tell me more...

Last week I visited one of my local (Manassas, VA) Hollywood Tans for a complimentary Mystic Spray Tan.  While there I wanted to learn a little bit about the process too.  I spoke with the staff and learned that while it only takes three minutes to be sprayed in a booth, it takes a lot longer to learn all the tricks to getting a great UV-free, natural Mystic Tan

Tips and Tricks

1. Exfoliate.  It can't be said enough. Exfoliate from head to toe.  Prepping before your spray tan is key. You should be clean, shaved and lotion, spray and perfume-free. 

2. Listen carefully to what the tanning consultant is telling you. They know all the tips and tricks.  It is an easy process but only if you follow the directions.

3. Cover your hands and fingernails with lotion. Your toenails too.  I put an extra coat of lotion on my nails to make sure they did not stain during the tanning process.

4.  Place the shower cap a few inches above your hairline so that you don't get a line on your forehead or right at the hairline.  That's a sure tell that you just got sprayed.  Remember to place it behind your ears too.  I would have totally had a set of half-sprayed ears if the tanning consultant hadn't given me this tip. 

5.  If you get streaks or an area is too dark or blotchy then use make-up remover on it.  It won't get rid of the tan it will only decrease the color a bit. 

6.  Don't shower or sweat profusely for four hours after Mystic tan. 

The whole process is pretty fool-proof if you follow these steps.  Once you enter the booth you can undress in one part of the cube and put lotion on your entire body.  A color spray cartridge is place in the tanning part of the booth from the Glow line.  They range from Fair, Medium and Dark. It's non-toxic and the scent smells like most sunless tanners.  It goes away after the first shower. You can also have scents like Coconut Lime added to the spray to subdue the sunless tanning spray scent.  The spray goes on clear and gradually comes to peak color over a 24 hour period.  It can last up to a week depending on how much you sweat and exfoliate too.  A product called Boost can be used daily to prolong color as well. 

So there I was all lotioned up and ready for the spray. I touched the blue button, heard the doorbell like chime and stepped into the spray booth.  I closed the door, waved my hand in front of the big blue button and heard a chime and automated voice telling me to place my feet on footprints 1 and 2.  From the bottom to the top the spray came out and the chime and voice told me to turn. I placed my feet on 2 and 4 and was sprayed from head to toe.  This process was repeated once more and I was done.  Spray tan complete!  I exited the booth and let myself air dry.  I patted myself a bit with a towel and got dressed.  I remembered to wash my hands and I was set.  I felt a bit sticky but that is normal. 

The next day I was a deep brown burnished tan.  I showered and the extra spray washed off.  A few streaks were on my inner elbows but I removed them with make-up remover in just a few seconds.  The whole thing was easy, fun and after five days I still had a nice glowing tan.  I only looked a bit too dark and orange that first day.  Mystic Spray tans gradually fade and I dind't have any odd discoloration from my workouts.  It was well worth it! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

MPR Rating: Five Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  Services recieved are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's only.