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October 18, 2011

Hyatt Place, Mystic CT

The Hyatt Place in Mystic, CT is a good size hotel that is set a bit away from all the other off 95 hotels in the Old Towne Mystic Village area.  Hidden directly behind an Exxon gas station and a McDonald's it feels secluded and is a nice retreat from the noise of the village and tourists. 

When I checked into the Hyatt Place I had no expectations.  I had not visited this type of Hyatt before and it immediately struck me as a competitor for a Hilton Garden Inn.  A spacious, high ceiling lobby and front desk with Starbucks barista bar awaits you.  Numerous unobtrusive televisions screens are tucked into various seating areas in the lobby and near the breakfast nook.  A complimentary continental style breakfast is served each morning.  Free wi-fi is standard. 

My room was on the third floor of a clean looking and smelling hotel.  Quiet was all around and my large king room was a tiny oasis.  I found the room neat, styled nicely in warm browns and khakis.  Dark wood, deep brown leather and granite are all around the room from the wet bar to the bathroom counter.  Long mirrors are on both the bathroom door and closet door, which is a nice touch. Additionally, a mirror is above the wet bar, another great location.  I liked the feel and layout in the room.  You enter a sitting area with a sectional sofa and over sized coffee table/ottoman.  A large flat screen television (that swivels for the couch or bed) is set on the wall in the middle of the room and a wood half wall divides the bed from the sitting area.  It's a nice touch.  What I didn't like about this room was the noise of the bathroom fan.  It was incredibly loud, droning and you had no way of shutting if off unless you wanted a dark bathroom.  A light inside the shower would have been an added bonus since the interior shower/toilet light was so dim.  Additionally, the bed while large, clean and fluffy looking had stiff sheets and too soft pillows.  I was not a fan.  I wanted something a bit more upscale feeling as I fell asleep. 

Breakfast and snacks are available 24/7 at the Hyatt Place. You can place an order with the front desk or on a kiosk in the breakfast nook.  You can easily charge to your room or on a credit card and food comes out in a relatively quick time frame.  However, my soup the first night was cold. Not lukewarm, but cold.  Having it in my room I did not want to take it back down to the lobby to be heated.  The next morning my potatoes at breakfast were so dry they were hard as rocks.  I think too much microwaving is going on in this kitchen.  When I eat at a hotel I expect better fare than what I receive on an airplane and the Hyatt Place was sadly lacking in this department.  My second breakfast- an egg and sausage el burrito ($6.50) was a bit better but I was not expecting much after my earlier experience.  All that being said you could easily just have the continental breakfast of bagels, toast, muffins, mini-donuts, oatmeal and fruit for free.  I just like some protein to start my day.  The Equinox diner is right down the street and serves food at all hours.  Plenty of other restaurants are right near by that also serve many types of food.

I wanted to like the Hyatt Place a lot after I checked in.  It's clean, the staff is helpful and very personable. They play a lot of roles while on the clock and do it well.  There is a quiet calm to this Hyatt Place and that can go along way.  Ultimately though I have to give it a lower rating due to the food quality.  Pictures on the website are actually reflective of what the hotel looks like. 

MPR Rating:  Three Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post. Review was conducted while on business travel.  Opinions are MPR's only. 

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