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October 20, 2011

Green & Black's Classic Collection

Fun Find- UK-based chocolate company Green & Black makes great chocolate.  I adore the Cherry bar with its dark chocolate and dried cherries.  It is my favorite in the Green & Black collection.  The dark chocolate is 60% cocoa solids and the cherries are plump. 

This fall Green & Black is debuting their new Classic Collection ($9.99) a combination of 12 miniature bars of both dark and milk chocolate.  Six flavors are in the set, including Toffee, Almond, Dark 70%, Ginger and Cherry and Milk.  All high-quality organic chocolate and fair trade certified in each and every bar.  I love how each bar is small but the flavor is so intense and superb that even a miniature Green & Black bar is highly satisfying as a small treat after a meal or as a snack.

Green & Black chocolate bars and the Classic Collection are available at retail stores like Target everywhere.  See some tasty recipes from the site here.

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