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July 11, 2011

Sunbow Sunscreen

There are two universal truths when it comes to parenting. One, kids love any product with a cartoon or toy character on it. Two, kids hate having sunscreen put on them. Sunbow sunscreen products have merged these two ideas together and created a line of sunscreens that kids actually want to use. Trust me, when I pulled out the pink bottle of sunscreen with Dora the Explorer on the label my girls immediately asked for some. The idea of pink (or yellow with Sponge Bob) sunscreen is ingenious. The fact that is also smells like yummy bubble gum just takes it a step further into the irresistible to kids category.

Sunbow sunscreens ($12.99, 5 fl.oz) are water resistant, paba-free, made in the USA and won't stain your clothes. All that I can attest to. It also goes on in color and dries clear, much to my five year-old's disappointment. She wanted to be covered in the pink stuff. It is made of a safe zinc oxide formula and goes on easily. The consistency isn't too thick and hard to spread nor is it watery. However, after using it for repeated pool, spray park and outdoor play time adventures I noticed one thing. My kids were getting way more tan than I liked. Sunbow offers SPF 30 full spectrum coverage but my kids were getting darker and red despite repeated applications. They never burned but I felt more protection was needed. Maybe it is just me though.

Sunbow Sunscreens (Dora and Spongebob varieties) are available online.

MPR Rating: Three Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received for review and test purposes only. Opinions are MPR's only.