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May 24, 2011

The Tao of Motherhood

Fun Find- The Tao of Motherhoodby Vimala McClure is for mothers who want to combine their spirituality with their parenting. In a collection of short essays that draw on the ancient teachings of The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching & Hua Hu Ching'>Lao Tzu you can find the deep down truths that shine through even in the most crazy moments of motherhood. Set for each stage of parenting, including adult children, it is a quick read too.

McClure writes,"There is nothing more receptive and flowing than water, yet there is nothing better for polishing the stone. A mother's nature is paradox. Your strength is in your gentleness. Your authority is in receptivity. Your power is in letting go."

Check it out today. The Tao of Motherhood is available at The Tao of Motherhood'>