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May 24, 2011

Dream Big Little Pig

Olympic Medalist and mother Kristi Yamaguchi has created a sweet children's book called, Dream Big Little Pig ($16.99). Following her inspiring motto, "Always Dream!" Kristi wrote this adorable book about Poppy the Pig.

Geared for ages 4-8, kids can read about Poppy and her big dreams. Big dreams that don't always pan out or seem as easy to attain as Poppy would like. Throughout the book Poppy tries one thing after another trying to find out what she is good at and has her family by her side always saying, "Dream Big!"

I like reading this book to my girls because not only does it illustrate how important family and their support is for kids, but it also showcases different hobbies, including ice skating. It is the ice skating that Poppy finally finds makes her the most happy and thus succeeds at with a joyful heart.

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MPR Rating: Four Stars

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