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May 3, 2011

Elmo's Travel Songs & Games DVD

New this week from the world of Sesame Street is Elmo's Travel Songs & Games. The DVD ($14.98) is great for little ones when you travel as it features popular Sesame Street characters Elmo, Abby and Elmo's dad Louie on a road trip. Elmo feels like it is taking a very long, long time to get their destination making it the perfect opportunity for Elmo's dad to show them there are lots of fun games to play, stories to tell and songs they can sing to pass the time.

The DVD is full of activities that will engage your child when you are traveling including the new songs "Go Before You Go" and "Are We There Yet?", along with clips about buckling up and different types of transportation. It's a great find! It will be a staple in your travel bag from here on out.

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