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April 12, 2011

Country Inn & Suites- Barstow, CA

When you think of the desert you don't think you are going to find very much.  Trust me, I lived there for a few years and in many parts of the Mohajve it is desolate and a bit strange.  You can see for miles and hotels don't often offer much in the way of pleasantries and offerings.  That is why I was quite surprised to find such a gem at the Country Inn and Suites in Barstow, CA.

Upon checking in I was greeted by a friendly staff who presented me with my room key promptly, gave me the lowdown on the facilities and some inside information on the local restaurants and outlet shopping nearby.  Immediately, I noticed how clean the hotel smelled and looked.  It wasn't an antiseptic scent either.  Just neat, tidy and well cared for with current magazines in the lobby and refreshments nearby.  My room was no different.

I had a king-sized bedroom complete with a desk, chair and small closet.  The flat screen television swiveled (very important in a hotel room, if you ask me.) and a micorwave and small refrigerator tucked away into the dresser/cupboard.  The room looked brand new.  The hotel is only a year or two old at most.  The bathroom had many nice touches that one would not expect in a mid-range hotel these days.  On the large wall length granite counter top I could place both my toiletry bag and my cosmetic bag.  I didn't feel squished or have to worry about where to store my items.  Many hotels don't have counter space to accomodate one person let alone two so this was a plus.  An array of toiletries like soap, shampoo, lotion and mouthwash stood at attention along side q-tips, cotton balls and a make-up remover towelette.  I love that! 

The Barstow, CA Country Inn and Suites keeps a nice, clean fitness room that even has work out DVD's to choose from.  A pool is also located in the inn.  Complimentary breakfast included loads of fresh fruit, eggs, homemade waffles, cereals, breakfast breads and the ability to make your own smoothie each morning. The staff there was always friendly and helpful too.  They even complimented my shoes one day. Thursday nights a dinner is served in this area which is also a nice touch.  Cookies and drinks are available in the lobby in the evening too.  A small bag of jelly beans was in my room after being cleaned as well.  While this hotel is a chain I felt comfortable and like I was at home and free to roam while there.  The staff remembered me and was always helpful and happy each time I passed through and when I checked out.  I was quite impressed. 

The only issues I had while there was a very heavy bathroom door that would not stay open.  If I wanted to watch or hear the television as I got ready in the morning I had to prop it open with a trashcan.  The bathroom towels were also on the small side, which surprised me.  However, these issues were so insignificant when compared with everything else this hotel had to offer. I was actually sorry to leave the desert this time.  I felt sorry for the hotel I stayed in next. 

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MPR Rating: Five Stars.

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