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February 4, 2011

Boiron's Arnicare Gel & Giveaway!

By using the active ingredient Arnica montana 1X HPUS Arnicare Gel naturally works to relieve your pain.  I know, I've tried it and found it to work for minor muscle pain, stiffness and even bruising.  Fall down or take a blow?  Overexert yourself at the gym or on a run?  Arnicare Gel is what I reach for now.  As part of my continuing effort to green "our" world I have tried to seek out and test natural products, including ones that reside in the medicine cabinet.

Arnicare Gel from Boiron works as well as their cough and cold remedies.  It absorbs into the skin fast and only requires a small amount to be massaged into the affected area.  You can use it up to three times a day too.  It has no artificial colors, dyes, perfumes either.  It's also free of that medicinal smell so many of these rubs and gels possess.  It's not sticky or greasy like those others either.  That makes it a great find and a good buy. 

Available in a 2.6 ounce tube it can be found online, at and many other web retailers.  Coupons for $2 off are available at the Arnicare website too! 

GIVEAWAY - I'm giving away a free tube of Arnicare gel.  Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, February 11, 2011.  To enter follow this blog or retweet this post (@veamason) and comment with your email so that I know you did it.

MPR RATING: Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  All products received are for review and test purposes only. Opinions are MPR's only.

*Congratulations to De in DC for winning the tube of Arnicare Gel! 

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De in D.C. said...

I follow your blog via google reader.

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Your site is in my Google reader and we're huge fans of Arnicare! It helps reduce discoloration from bruising. Yes, we're very clumsy around here and your giveaway comes at a perfect time since our tube is almost empty!