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February 4, 2011

Fun Find- Dr. Fresh Mouthwash

At some point in your life you have probably suffered from a case of Dry Mouth.  Dry Mouth can be caused by so many things including chemotherapy, anti-anxiety drugs, pregnancy, sleep apnea, vitamin use and other long term illnesses and medicines.  Dr. Fresh mouthwash aims to cure this problem.  This over-the-counter mouth rinse combats the discomfort (rough tongue, sores and more) from happening.

Alcohol-free (no burning!) Dr. Fresh Orazyme helps with keeping the right amount of saliva in your mouth.  The patent-pending MIM Salzyme (Metal Ion Management) helps to protect your mouth's immune functions.  By creating more saliva you are ridding your mouth of bad bacteria and germs and neutralizing damaging acids too.  Dr. Fresh provides relief and at 16 ounces a bottle for only $9.99 it is a good find.

You can purchase Dr. Fresh at

MPR Rating:  Four Stars. 

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