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November 12, 2010

Frances England- Mind of My Own

I consider myself a pretty anti-kiddie music person for all the kids CD's I review.  My kids may love them but I probably loathe them.  Either the artist is too cutesy, the lyrics too silly or whatever. I just have a hard time getting on board because simply put this music isn't geared for me. It's for my kids and that is as it should be.  Still, we as parents do have to listen to it.

Enter Frances England and her newest CD, 'Mind of My Own'.  I love it!  I actually play it on my own.  I find myself singing the songs on my own and I don't care who knows it. I've also watched the 'Tricycle' song video on numerous occasions because I think it's great.  England's music is folksy, soft and sweet at times but never sappy or overplayed.  It comes from the heart in a pure way this is fun and it makes you want to go spend a day out in the sun with your kids. 

My kids?  They love it too.  My two year-old tries to snap her fingers to each song as she sways around and nods her head. The four year-old loves it too.  The bass sounds and lyrics of 'Cookies and Milk' make her happy each time she hears it. 

MPR Rating:  Five Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review and test purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's own.