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July 27, 2010

Pop on Pals Amusement Park Playset

Spin Master introduces Pop On Pals a set of toys that features a world of fun pals, pets, vehicles and playsets! Geared for ages 2 and up each set features mix n’ match fun that allows little ones to let their imaginations soar with possibilities. For example a fireman can become a musician, a princess becomes a baker through inter-changing rings you place on the 'Pal', you get the idea.  Pop On Pals makes for great imaginative play that also helps kids to develop their fine motor skills.

As a Team Mom tester we received the Amusement Park Playset ($34.99) and from the moment I pulled the brightly colored box out of its packing my youngest child got so excited.  We let her test it alone at first, without the aid of the four year-old and she was in heaven.  After being shown a few things like putting the 'Pal' in the car she let it ride down the roller coaster, ride the Ferris wheel and really loved the music the toy made as she used it.  There are five activities in all on this toy with many lights, sounds and musical parts to it.  They can play the Strong Man game, ride the Dragon Ferris Wheel, the roller coaster and so much more.  It kept her interest for about a half hour initially.  Later that day our eldest (4) came home with a few friends and they all began to play with it too.  Since then it has become a nice addition to our toy collection with the kids integrating the Amusement Park playset in with their other toys.  My only issue with this set is that only one 'Pal' comes with it making it hard for more than one kid to play with it at a time.  Additional 'Pals' are available and I would highly recommend purchasing them up front.  The toy becomes less engaging with only one 'Pal'. 

In addition to the playsets like a castle and town building scenes you can buy additional packs of 'pals', pets, vehicles and 2-in-1 sets to create many adventures with Pop on Pals.  Priced moderately and not overly busy, loud or irritating Pop on Pals playsets make a fun, entertaining toy that lets your child's imagination roam through the town.  Pop on Pals are available at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Amazon and many other retailers nationwide. 

MPR Rating: Three Stars.

Disclaimer:  I am a member of Team Mom.  Product received via Team Mom and I was not paid for this post.  All products received were for review purposes only.  Opinions are that of MPR only.