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March 1, 2010

Double Whammy- Twin Draft Guard & Wonder Hanger

In theory I can see how the Twin Draft Guard is supposed to elmininate air leakage and help in reducing your heating or cooling costs.  Sticking the affordable ($9.99) and easy-to-use double-sided insulation device into a window or door does work, just not in my house.  I tried in vain to stick the Twin Draft Guard under doors (interior and exterior) only to have it rumple it up and make it impossible to either shut the door or keep the guard in place.  I stuck it in windows too and the same thing happened.  Maybe it is my house.  I would like to know if anyone else had this issue because the benefits of this guard would be great.

Benefits include:  Can fit windows and doors up to 36 inches.  Can be used on interior and exterior doors with little to no installation required.  It simply slides under doors and the cotton cover is removable and washable.   It is double sided for maximum protection and helps reduce noise, dust and odors from the outside. 

Creating an airtight seal of any kind can reduce your heating and cooling bills from 13-20%, which is great for your wallet and the environment. I really wanted this product to work as we have some real drafty spots in our home.  Unfortunately, it either didn't fit in our windows or it got stuck  or didn't fit under the doors. 

Try it out at Lowe's, Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Let me know what you find.

MPR Rating:  Two Stars.

The Wonder Hanger ($9.99) is another one of those products that are 'As Seen on TV'.  It is a great, affordable closet organizer that works well in any budget.  If your closet is overflowing, you have trouble finding items or your clothes are frequently wrinkled due to the over crowding then the Wonder Hanger can help you.  It creates closet space by stacking. Each Wonder Hanger can hold five wood, metal or plastic hangers. It is perfect for organizing your purses as it is also quite durable.  Because of it's open mouth design you don't have to tangle with the other clothes on the Wonder Hanger when you grab another item.  That is one of my favorite parts. I have loads of space-saving hangers in my closet but trying to grab a pair of pants off one and it gets tangled up in the other pants on the hanger.  It annoys me every time. 

The Wonder Hanger is perfect for organizing clothes by season, color or similar type.  I love to hang belts off of it and it really does keep stuff free from wrinkles.  It is avaible everywhere too.  You can purchase it at CVS, online,  at Walmart, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond too. 

MPR Rating:  Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this post.  Opinions are mine alone.  Product was received for testing purposes only.