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November 23, 2009

Tandoori Naan Fabulous Flats and More

Naan, the "tasty, innovative, authentic flatbread" by International Fabulous Flats arrived on my doorstep in a beautiful be-ribboned basket. Stocked full of garlic, whole-grain and regular Naan and a variety of Sandwich flats we quickly made our first selection and dug in.

The garlic Naan, flavored with roasted garlic and cilantro leaves was my first pick. I was making a lasagna that night for dinner and while I typically don't serve bread I decided to toast this flavored flatbread and see what my family thought. I did it two ways. I toasted one section and the other I drizzled with olive oil and heated up in a skillet. Both versions tasted fresh with just a hint of garlic. Soon, the whole basket of garlic flatbread was gone. Later that week I made pizza out of the remaining garlic and plain flatbread. The whole-grain made a great snack for my toddler and preschool age child as well. They loved them served plain, toasted or with butter, melted cheese or peanut butter on them. We went through all the Fabulous Flats in just a few short days. I was really surprised as we are not a big bread family.

While reviewing the flatbreads I liked how there are no preservatives or additives, there are six grams of protein per piece and with all natural ingredients. Each flatbread is also hand-stretched too. Each type that we tested had a nice flavor and lasted longer than I thought. What I didn't like was that the packages are not resealable. The flats are a decent size and we rarely used one flat all at once, except the garlic. I had to place the bread in plastic storage bag once the original package was open.

We also tried the Sandwich Flats which were good but not as big of a hit. Resembling an English muffin the Sandwich Flats are perfect for heated sandwiches like tuna melts or even mini-pizzas. We used them for the later as well as toasted sandwiches that I like to make. I thought they tasted good but don't bend like bread making the innards of a sandwich sometimes fall back onto the plate. For a toasted sandwich or mini-pizza though, they are perfect! They are so flat without any nooks and crannies that the toppings stay put and serve up nicely.

International Fabulous Flats makes a wide array of healthy and decadent muffins as well as Stone-Baked Pizza crusts. They are all available at grocery stores nationwide and in Canada and Puerto Rico. The website also has a lot of recipes for all their products, including a fantastic turkey/cranberry sandwich for yourThanksgiving leftovers.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this posting. Products were received and kept for testing purposes.
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