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November 30, 2009

Organix Kid's Therape Shampoo & Conditioner

Gluten-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free Organix TheraNeem Kid's Therape shampoo ($13.95, 12 fl oz.) and conditioner ($13.95, 12 fl oz.) is also gentle, sensitive on the eyes, skin and scalp and organic.
I have been using the Organix Kid's Therape shampoo & bodywash and conditioner on both my four year-old and one year-old for about a month now. Both girls have sensitive skin and the eldest absolutely hates having her hair rinsed because, "it burns." While the youngest doesn't have much hair, my older daughter has thick, fine and extremely curly hair. It is hard to wash, comb and keep knot-free for more than thirty seconds.
Organix's TheraNeem Kid's Therape comes in sturdy dark green bottles that don't dent or break despite repeated throwing by my youngest. We have had many broken bottles and caps in our tub from the little one. Packed with Neem oil, Neem leaf extract, chamomile and calendula, this shampoo and bodywash combo gently cleans their skin and hair without any of the "burning" because there are no harsh chemicals. It deep cleans without the use of harsh chemicals or soaps. This combo keeps my daughter's curly hair clean and it doesn't frizz after each use like other shampoos. I love this gentle shampoo and bodywash. I only wish that it had a tiny bit more of a scent to it. If you are looking for a sweet, soft scented child or baby you will not get it from TheraNeem Kid's Therape. It simply smells "green", like grass. It is not overpowering or bad it just doesn't remind you of all the other chemically-driven scented products.
The Kid's Therape conditioner works great too. It is thick but rinses out easily and it detangles even the toughest snarls and keeps my daughter's hair shiny, smooth. It doesn't weigh it down either. It is loaded with Neem oil, Neem leaf extract, jojoba oil, panthenol, rice proteins and contains no wax to create a pH balanced, soothing conditioner for your kids hair.
We will continue to use Organix TheraNeem Kid's Therape Shampoo/Bodywash and Conditioner. Organix is the real green deal. Organix products can be purchased at the Organix online store and at online and local retailers across the country.
MPR Rating: Four Stars.
Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this posting. Products were received and kept for testing purposes. The opinions in this review are solely my own.