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September 30, 2009

Umi Shoes- Fall Review

Umi Shoes are back! I've reviewed Umi Shoes for kids before but in boot and pram form. This time we are in full-on little girl mode. Now that my daughter has gotten older and developed a sense of style on her own she chose the Flora pair ($69) in Fuchsia/Pink.

Styled in the classic European sense this pair of Umi's fits true to size just like all the others. There is always a little room to grow, which is how they are designed and that works so well with kids. The Flora style is an open-vamp shoe with an adjustable strap and a cute flower design that comes in a variety of colors. Having tried many types of kids shoes in the past few years I have really come to love Umi for their style and quality. These shoes last! They are so durable and comfortable for my daughter to wear. Umi is the only shoe company that she consistently wears again and again. Not only that but she wants to wear her Umi shoes. All the time. No matter what the style or season. I have even had to pry the boots off her in the hot summer months.

Needless to say she loved the Flora pair at first sight. She just scooped them up out of the box and took them to her room to try on. From there she wanted to wear them over and over again. While you may balk at the price tag of a pair of Umi's you really shouldn't. I have yet to find another brand of kid's shoes that is as long-lasting, kid-tough, comfortable as well as stylish that my kid genuinely adores. The selection is large and colorful for both girls, boys and infants too.

Umi shoes can be purchased at online at their website or via Piperlime too.

MPR Rating: Five Stars.


Rachael said...

The shoes in pink are really cute and so your daughter is not really in a mood to leave those shoes.Thanks for the post. Very interesting.