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October 5, 2009

Fun Find- JAMU Spa

Made from certified organic ingredients, JAMU "translates as herbal remedies used internally and externally for health and beauty."

Since I added the Jasmine Organic Body, Hand and Foot Scrub ($35, 8 0z) to my shower routine I feel like I am transported back to my Hawaiian vacation each time I open the bottle. Initially, the scrub seemed like it would be gritty and coarse, however after using it I noticed that it is just right. It is not an abrasive scrub. The combination of rice bran with jasmine frangipani perfume creates a moisturizing exfoliant that seems other-worldy. I love how the bottle must stand on its cap so that the scrub distributes easily as it is quite thick.

I really loved the gift set as well. Containing Organic Bath & Shower Gel (2 oz), Tropical Lotion Sampler (.25 oz), Unscented Bath Salts with Flower Petals (3 oz) all tied up in an organza gift bag is a great idea. At $16 it is a steal too.

The scents in the entire JAMU Spa line, ranging from ginger spice, coconilla to island fruits and the jasmine are all natural and smell divine. The whole collection of massage oils, bath salts, bath gels, lotions and other spa products is a wonderful, steeped in tradition, organic luxury that you can feel good about pampering yourself with each time you use it.