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June 10, 2009

The Natural Dentist

For thirteen years The Natural Dentist company has been creating natural oral care for the whole family. This is always something I look for and the people at The Natural Dentist sent me a slew of their products to try out. I jumped at the chance to test them and not just because the Mouth Rinse was chosen as an "Oprah's Best".
We tried three types of toothpaste in our house- Peppermint Twist, Orange Zest and the kids Sparkly Berry Blast. Each type is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free, protects against acid erosion and contains no artificial ingredients. In addition, the adult versions have a powerful herbal blend for gum health and help to strengthen your teeth while preventing cavities. Right away I noticed that the Orange Zest flavor has none of that 'hint of mint' that many fruit-flavored toothpastes possess. It is a real orange flavor and the same goes for the Mouth Rinse. So if you like that then this is the flavor for you. The Peppermint Twist has a bit of sage in it which I guess is the twist. I liked this one best. The mint isn't overpowering but it does freshen your breath. My teeth felt clean but without the burn of some less than green toothpastes. Each tube has a nice flip-top cap as well. My daughter loves the Sparkly Berry Blast toothpaste too. The toothy grinned cat on the tube cracks her up. The tube is easy to open and the toothpaste comes out evenly and not in huge globs. It has a kid-friendly flavor that helps protect against cavities and it's fun to use.
Next, I tried the Mouth Rinses in Orange Zest and Peppermint Twist. Again, I noticed that Orange flavored rinse has no minty taste to it and it is alcohol free. Since I am not a fan of the fruit-flavored types of rinses either I found I liked the Peppermint Twist better. Neither of these rinses will stain your teeth and the 20% Aloe Vera Gel helps to control and reduce gingivitis. In addition the rinses contain soothing Calendula and Goldenseal, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Echinacea for cleansing purposes. I found that both mouth rinses left my mouth feeling clean and fresh for a long period of time without drying it out and leaving a burning sensation. The Natural Dentist mouth rinses have no alcohol, dyes, bleach or preservatives in them which actually seems to enhance its freshening power.
Overall I really liked the smooth, non-gritty toothpastes and the soothing mouth rinses. I would use The Natural Dentist products again. These items can all be found at CVS, The Vitamin Shoppe and online at
The Natural Dentist is offering a $1.50 OFF coupon for any of their mouth rinses and toothpastes. It's a great incentive to try any of the The Natural Dentist products.
MPR Rating: Four Stars.