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June 5, 2009

The All Nighter Powder for Your Hair

You get up late and realize you don't have time to wash your hair. What do you do? Try the The All Nighter Styling Powder. This dry shampoo promises to preserve your blow out, freshen up your hair and build body and texture. It comes in six shades to match a variety of hair colors too.

I'm a Pssst! girl myself and I've used baby powder and other salon dry shampoos to freshen my hair the morning after a great blow out. I really wondered how The All Nighter would compare to these other dry shampoo methods. I selected the Golden Blonde color and upon shaking it into my hair I noticed two things. First, I chose the wrong color. I should have picked out Platinum/Neutral. The Golden Blonde was a bit too yellow when I put is closer to my hair line. Once I combed it through it blended better if I didn't pull my hair back. It also had a slightly vinegar like odor. That too went away quickly but I was taken aback by it at first shake.

I noticed that The All Nighter does improve volume and create texture especially with my baby-fine hair but it didn't comb out as finely as I would have liked. I like that it comes in a small, easy to manage container and it is talc-free, paraben-free, all-natural and aluminium and silica-free which many dry shampoos contain. It also didn't rub off on my hands like other dry shampoos. Since you don't need to spray The All Nighter I didn't get any on my walls or bathtub like the aerosol types. When that happens it is almost impossible to remove from the sides of the tub. That is a definite plus for The All Nighter.
The $18 price tag for The All Nighter is comparable to other industry and salon dry shampoos and it can be purchased online here or at the website, A Beautiful Life. It worked fairly well and I'm sure if I had it in the correct color I would be inclined to use it more often.
MPR Rating: Three Stars.


De in D.C. said...

Have you ever tried the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo? How does this one compare? The OB has been my go-to dry shampoo for in-between days (I don't like washing my hair daily, but get super-greasy after about 24hrs). The spray ones seem to work a bit better for me, but are a huge waste of money since you only get a few applications before they run dry. The bottled OB is a much better value, though it kind of smells like lemon Pledge. It only comes in white though, and I'm mousy-brown, so the All Nighter might be a better choice.