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May 29, 2009

Pillow[ology] by Select Comfort

Do you destroy pillows? Do you have a love/hate relationship with your pillow? I know I do. In our house there is a minimum of six pillows on our bed at any given time. Each of us has a favorite pillow for a while and then it ends up being tossed. Too often I buy pillows and really I have no clue what I am doing. When the Sleep Number Select Comfort people asked me if I wanted a lesson in pillow[ology] I jumped at the chance to learn more and try out a custom designed pillow all for myself.

In just three easy steps you can create a personalized pillow all your own. Seriously, it took me less than ten minutes. When I talked with the Sleep Number people they first asked me about what position I sleep in (stomach sleeper), what I don't like about my current pillow and what I do like about it. From there we did the three simple steps.
First, I chose my outer support - a Silver Outercore versus the memory foam or Eurogoose. The Silver Outercore ($79.99) comes with a 5-year limited warranty and can be machine washed. I liked the Silver option because not only is it shapeable and a down filler alternative (too soft for a stomach sleeper) but it is also Antimicrobial, which helps keep away odors and bacteria from occurring.
Next, I chose the heart of my pillow a.k.a. the Inner Support Core (six different options). I chose the Memory Foam Contour ($49.99) for its added neck support and pressure point relief. This also has a 5-year limited warranty and can be spot cleaned. When it arrived I found it easy to insert into the Outercore and it really makes a difference. While the Outercore has some squish to it the foam core holds strong and supports my head and neck very comfortably. Step three had me picking out a pillow protector. There are three options to choose from and again I went with the True Silver Pillow Protector ($29.99) that eliminates odor and static. It keeps your temperature comfy and helps the pillow stay fresh and fungi free. Who can say no to that?
When it was all said and done my 'perfect pillow' came to $159. Price points typically range from $80-170 according the the Select Comfort people but parts can be changed and replaced separately over time making the pillow last longer than your standard one. When the pillow finally arrived I put it together in less than thirty seconds and immediately noticed its fluffy firmness. Can this be possible? Would it actually be too firm? No. I can say without a doubt that this pillow is the best pillow I have ever used. It is the first time I have had a pillow that I want to travel with and miss when I am away from it. I don't wake up with neck aches anymore and each night when I lay my head down on it I feel a sigh of contentment escape me. It really is the perfect pillow. It's worth every penny!
MPR Rating: Five Stars.