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June 1, 2009

Putumayo European Playground CD

Putumayo Kids' has just released their newest compilation, 'European Playground', fifteen songs from various European artists all on one family-friendly filled CD. This CD is fun, energizing and easy to sing and dance to even if it is in all different languages.

All the songs on this CD center around children and the activities that they like to do. There is a song about friendship, one about change and another about jumping on a trampoline with friends. The whole CD will get your kids going and introduce them to a variety of musical styles and languages. The liner notes are also in four different languages and there is a free, downloadable teaching guide and a map of Europe.

This CD is great for at home, in the car and whenever or wherever you need something that is a bit different but definitely engaging. Available at Amazon and Putumayo.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.