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April 3, 2009

skyn ICELAND Skincare

Feeling a bit stressed these days? You are not the only one. Skyn ICELAND Solutions brings you the only skincare line created especially for stressed-out skin. The Fundamentals Kit has a naturally restoring formula designed to reduce redness, breakouts and stress-induced irritation. Something I am sure we could all use a bit in these hard times.

Right off the bat there are a few things that I love about Skyn ICELAND products. All of them are 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free. They are also without any of the awful stress-inducing elements such as these bad boys:


- Sulfates

- Petro-Chemicals

- Phthalates

- Triclosan

Knowing those facts relieved my stress before even opening the containers. The Kit however is pretty nice. It includes a Glacial face wash (5 oz) that is light, creamy and effortlessly smooth upon application. It glides over your skin and instantly cleans and refreshes it. I have combination skin and it did not dry it out either. Next, I applied The Antidote Quenching Daily lotion (1.76 oz) which is also lightweight and goes on smoothly. It gives your skin an icy, tingly feeling all over which can help decongest and calm your skin. I highly recommend this if you have combination or oily skin because it is so light. It would be perfect for summer. However, trying it out in the thick of winter left me wanting more. It was not heavy enough for my cheek area which tends to dry out. The Icelandic Relief Eye Cream (.49 oz) is thicker than the lotion but still goes on just as smooth. Using soothing nutrients (mandarin peel & Vitamin K) the eye cream helps reduce dark circles (it really does!) and puffiness. I can attest to both of those claims as I was quite sleep deprived and upon using the eye cream daily I felt as if my skin was tightening and felt more alive. It was quite nice.
Overall I enjoyed using the products despite needing a thicker face lotion for the winter months. I felt like the whole line helped to revitalize my tired, post-baby, mid-winter skin which in turn improved my mood and kept me feeling icy fresh.
Skyn ICELAND is available exclusively at Sephora,, QVC and other fine stores as well as the skyn ICELAND website. The kit retails for $70 with a value of $120.
MPR Rating: Four Stars.