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March 4, 2009

Team Mom- Bella Sara

Bella Sara is the leading trading card group for girls. This inspirational online horse game about the land of North of North presents girls with positive messages about friendship and some safe online fun. Not content to just sit on its laurels Bella Sara has created two new parts to its line- Bella Sara Miniatures Series 1 Collection and Bella Sara Treasures.

The concept is simple. Just like baseball cards girls can collect and trade Bella Sara horse character cards ($1.99). Each card contains a code that can be entered online. The Miniatures Series has an added bonus of providing a soft, velvety miniature horse (20 in all) inside each card pack. Girls can collect, trade and love these little horses creating offline games in the process. With Bella Sara Treasures ($2.99), the eighth series in this line, there are printable activities, bonus codes, wallpapers, coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles and more.

I think that Bella Sara (5 yrs and up) is a great product for girls, however in our house my two daughters (an infant and a three year-old) are a bit too young to really have any fun with the cards. My preschooler loved the stickers included in the Treasures pack and really enjoyed making up imaginary games with the Miniatures horse figurines. The online games, loading the codes in and learning about the different characters was way over her head. The Bella Sara website is well done though and I can see how it would really entice girls of the elementary school age.

I think the Bella Sara concept is wonderful as it features natural wonders, historical artifacts and gives girls a chance to explore a very non-threatening world that parents won't have to constantly monitor. It was created by Gitte Odder Braendgaard who devised the line when she worked as a social worker in Denmark. She wanted children to have a game that was made up of meaningful messages and imagination -building game play. I can definitely see how Bella Sara does that and would recommend it to anyone who has a child who loves horses or is looking for a quality gaming website for their child.

MPR Rating: Three Stars

To celebrate Treasures, the eighth series in this trading card line, Bella Sara is kicking off a contest for a chance for kids to win an exciting Treasure Hunt Party for themselves and their friends! It runs through April 30 so enter to win on the Bella Sara website now!