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March 9, 2009

Plain Tales Story CDs

Plain Tales First Tales, debuting March 10, introduces 'The Gingerbread Boy and Other First Tales' and 'Animal Tales: Raccoon, Bear & Coyote'. Plain Tales offers classic stories on CDs for those of us on the go. Now you can play them any time! Created by Brian Keairns, a writer and father, who believes in the power of stories being read aloud to assist children in developing those critical language and thinking skills. They are also pretty entertaining too!

'The Gingerbread Boy' ($12.95) starts out with the classic tale of the naughty Gingerbread boy himself, which is a favorite of my three year-old. She loved hearing the story aloud just like she does at school and home but in the quiet of her room. It was a great way for her to have additional stories as she drifted off to sleep at night or during a nap. Billy Goat Gruff, Frog Prince and the Little Red Hen are also included on this 48 minute CD.

'Animal Tales: Raccoon, Bear & Coyote' ($12.95) is part of the Plain Tales Explorers collection. This 48 minute CD is the tale of Lotor a young raccoon, Hazard the coyote, and Osa the brown bear who all need to find new homes for various foresty reasons. It is a wonderful tale about friendship and animal behavior. It is also one that your child will love to hear over and over again.

All the Plain Tales CDs can be purchased directly from their website here.

MPR Rating: Five Stars.