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March 3, 2009

Emphatical Piratical CD

Debuting today and fun for the whole family is Captain Bogg and Salty's latest CD, Emphatical Piratical ($15). Geared for ages two and up this CD and group goes beyond cutesy kid music and will grab a hold of the whole family. Whether you are looking for some ideal pirate themed music for your next swashbuckling-inspired birthday party or for a good set of tunes while on the road or in your home Emphatical Piratical is that CD.

While geared for kids this music is smart and funny and I think adults will appreciate it too. It takes you away to the land of pirates, buccaneers and the high seas instantly and each song will charm your child. This is a really fun CD that my child asks to be played repeatedly and we will definitely be giving it as a gift. Captain Bogg & Salty have a few other tricks, er Cd's, in their treasure chest that are worth checking out as well so visit them now.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.