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February 2, 2009

Sucrets ICE

It's sick season in our house and probably yours as well. That nasty cold you are nursing probably started with a sore throat. Sucrets ICE is like a Popsicle for your firey throat. It's great for adults as well as kids ages three on up. In pomegranate and grape flavors infused with echinecea and zinc the Sucrets ICE is a great way for you and your family to take their medicine.

One of the things I really liked about this product is that it only takes an hour to freeze and it is not a large dose. My three year-old daughter couldn't wait to try it with her last cold. She was able to eat it quickly and it made her throat feel better for the rest of the morning. It works just like a throat spray, numbing the area and cooling it. It works well for minor sore throats and also has a bit of cough suppressant in it.

The only thing that I did not like about Sucrets ICE is the packaging. The medicine freezes into about half the packaging and you have to cut it with scissors to get to the actual product. Since the package does not tear easily it is hard to get to the product as you eat it. I had to keep cutting it with scissors or tearing it awkwardly. I placed it in a bowl for my daughter so she could eat it with ease.
Overall, I liked this product. I will continue to use it as my child likes it much better than throat spray and the relief it provides lasts for quite some time. You can purchase Sucrets ICE at and other drugstores nationwide.


Sharon Harper said...

We’re glad that this product worked for your daughter, but are sorry you had trouble with the packaging. We’re actually working on new packaging right now that would improve the issues you mentioned, including changing the seal and making the package more narrow. With this new package design Sucrets ICE will be a bit thicker, allowing it to dispense more evenly and last even longer. And, it will still freeze just as fast. The groundhog says only six more weeks until spring. Good luck in this home stretch of cold & flu season.

- Sharon Harper, Sucrets ICE Public Relations Team