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February 19, 2009

PBN- MilkBank Storage System

Breast is best they always say, but did you know that oxygen depletes the nutrients in your breast milk and can change the flavor too? I didn't until MilkBank Storage System arrived at my door.
BPA, PVC and phtalate free MilkBank Storage system is different from the traditional methods of storing and freezing your breast milk. Instead of using a bag or the supplied breast pump bottles MilkBank has a vacuum that sucks out the oxygen and keeps breast milk fresher longer. I tested out the whole storage system thanks to PBN. It includes-
1-vacuum pump
3- storage caps
1- 2.5 oz storage/feeding bottle,
2 - 5 oz storage/feeding bottles,
1 - outer insulated bottle with Stage 1 nipple
It is super easy to use the vacuum pump, only about three to five pumps is needed and then you are ready to store or freeze the milk. What I loved the most about this system was the outer insulated bottle. By placing warm water in it I could keep the milk warm during a feeding and my baby loved that. She sometimes snacks and eating a full bottle can take a bit of time. The outer insulated bottle kept the milk warm. I also love the fully vented feeding bottles that can be used for storage too. I always use ventilated bottles to keep down colic and ear aches and having these in addition to my others was very helpful. The bottles are also leak-proof (ahem Dr. Brown's) and not all bottles can claim that.
My only issue with the MilkBank Storage System is that it is a lot of pieces. That's great if you have one kid and one kid only but when there are others buzzing around you don't have time to mess around with a bunch of pieces. It's just grab, go and feed time! I found that I liked the MilkBank Storage system a lot but used it less often because of all the components. However, the idea of fresher milk got me and after a bit I got used to the system and used it more and more.
MilkBank is available at Babies R Us and you can locate a store online here. For more great reviews on this product and others visit PBN now.


Mommy to a Tater Tot said...

I had never thought of the whole oxygen changing the flavor and depleting nutrients thing. I will have to think about using this with the next one! Thanks!

Steve Saari said...

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review.

I really appreciate you taking the time and effort. Without honest feedback, we couldn't make our products better.

Thanks for giving the Milk Bank system a whirl and glad to hear that you are able to use it more often.

Steve Saari
Milk Bank/Dex Baby Products