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December 12, 2008

BusyBodyBook Wall Calendar

I willingly admit to being a ridiculously organized person. Or at least I try to. The amount of lists I create on a daily basis makes many people batty. The calendar in our kitchen must be able to keep track of our family's daily appointments and social activities in a clear, concise way. Finding a calendar like that is not an easy feat. I've tried. Trust me, I have tried.

I found one at our local bookstore last year and it served its purpose pretty well except that the boxes for each person's activity could barely hold their name much less what they had planned. When BusyBodyBook (BBB) and creator Joan Goldner approached me with their Wall calendar I jumped at the chance to review it.

The BBB Wall Calendar ($14.95) comes in two versions, one week or two week views. I like the two week type so I know what is looming out there. There are seven spots for names each week or you can add in additional commitments. Each space has more than enough room for names and events to be penciled in. In addition to this great feature you can utilize the two six month at-a-glance sections. There is even a spot for the all important contact names and numbers like your babysitter or doctor. This is great for grandparents, sitters and even spouses to have handy in a flash. I really liked the page where you can put the years important dates all down in one spot. I do this first with each calendar I use and having it all listed in one spot was better than combing through the months. I'm a full convert now. There is no need for me to head to the bookstore hoping they have a "family" calendar in stock this year. I'm sticking with the award-winning BBB Wall Calendar for 2009 and on! For the price it just cannot be beat.

If a wall calendar isn't your thing you should check out BBB's other great products like their Weekly organizer or Weekly Fridge Grid Pad. All are outstanding in value and price. There are some great sales going on now as well. Any of BBB's products make a great gift for the organized individual in your life or even for you.