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September 19, 2008

Fun Find- Beethoven's Wig 4 CD

Beethoven's Wig 4 CD- Dance Along Symphonies ($14.98)- is a compilation of classic, easily recognizable music that has been set specifically for dancing. Add in some seriously silly lyrics and your preschool age child on up will love dancing along to its tunes.
Now your kid can boogie with Beethoven and the 20 plus tracks on this fun CD. It's great fun for a rainy day, play time with friends and car rides. The lyrics are all inside the liner notes but what impressed me the most was not just how I knew the classical music from such pieces as Swan Lake and Carmen, but how clearly the lyrics are enunciated. It is easy for everyone to understand and follow along.
As an added bonus there are fun trivia games and activities inside too. I think families with children of all ages will really enjoy this CD.