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September 17, 2008

L'OREAL's New Fall Items

I've been a make-up lover ever since my Aunt Liesse handed over her department store counter free samples to me at the age of three or four. Once I swiped on that creamy silver eyeshadow there was no going back. So I was very happy to review L'Oreal's newest back-to-school pieces from their make-up collection.

First up, is the Jelly lip balm ($8) in Savory from their HIP (High Density Pigments) line. This non-greasy, so not sticky lip balm is wonderful. It's soft and smooth going on and stays that way without adding a high gloss shine. It's just right alone or over a more matte lipstick. It lasts a long while and I found it truly moisturizing. I became an instant addict the minute I put it on. I love the thick glass container it comes in as well. It's easy to find in your purse too.

The Bare Nauturale Gentle Lip Conditioner ($10) in soft peach is a great soft hint of color. The application though was not as smooth. The twist and click method is a great idea but the color just oozed out and applied a bit too thick. I think with practice it would work just fine but initially I had my reservations on this product. It comes in loads of very soft shades and is lightweight so it works for anyone who wants some shine and a touch of color but doesn't normally wear much lip color. Add in that it is of 96% natural origins and has conditioning Vitamin E in it and it is a rather nice addition to the L'Oreal line.

Infalliable Never Fail Lipcolour Compact ($12) in Zinfandel. This one kind of threw me as it is two products/steps in one. I have friends who use this product though and simply adore it and will never go to anything else so I had to at least test it out. It is an Allure Best of Beauty 2007 winner after all. Those folks do not mess around when it comes to awards. Step 1 is the lipstick which is a nice creamy texture and applies evenly and smooth. Step 2 bonds the color to your lips so that it lasts and won't flake off for the full 16 hours. I wasn't awake 16 hours so I wouldn't know. I do know that it lasted almost all day and through a few meals and I'm happy with that. I also know I did not need to scrub it off and it did not have that drying effect that comes with many of these types of products. The compact is a nice addition too as it has a mirror on the back for applying the lipstick and the whole thing fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

Another Infalliable product, L'Oreal's Infalliable Never Fail Eyeliner in Black ($8). This basic eyeliner comes with a built-in sharpener and smudging applicator which I love. No more searching for the sharpener or using my finger or q-tip when applying my eyeliner! What I really liked about this product is that it lasts all day (another 16-hour product) and can be smudged, done with fine razor thin precision or made to look smokey and thick. It is one versatile eyeliner. It doesn't flake either. By the end of the day I still had a nice slash of color on my lids.

Lastly and quite possibly my favorite addition to the L'Oreal back-to-school line is the Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Eyeliner ($10). This product is a loose powder but it should not be considered daunting. The finely slanted applicator brush that is included in the jar is wonderful! It works so well I was really taken aback by it. Usually those brushes are nothing but cheap and rough but this one applies the powdery liner with ease and quite smoothly. If tapped before applying you won't have any dusting off on your face and it lasts ALL DAY. I swear. I kept checking the first time I wore it and each time found myself smiling in the mirror when I saw it was still in tact and in place and not all over my face.

L'Oreal has added quite a few nice products to their Fall line and while I've always been a fan of their nail polish and other random items when it comes to drugstore brands, I truthfully had not used any of their make-up in quite some time. It was good to be reacquainted with them again and find they still hold up over time. In fact, I think they are better than before.

All these products can be purchased online at or at your local big box discount store or drugstores like CVS, Walgreens and more.