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August 1, 2008

TripFLIX, the family travel DVD

It may be the dog days of summer but many of us are still on the road traveling together in droves to fun family trip destinations. Now planning that vacation is not only easier but entertaining with TripFLIX, the DVD ($19.99) with kid-friendly features.

When I viewed TripFLIX with my family I found it to be not just entertaining and fun but a great way to get excited about the trip before we even left the house. With this new DVD families can see the sights across the US without leaving their living rooms. Kids can explore their future destinations with their parents and learn facts and fun custom designed adventures based on the selections your child or family makes. It was very helpful when we planned to drive to New England this summer. I also liked how you can watch TripFLIX in the car while en route to your vacation spot and engage the whole family with the trivia questions and travel guides. There is truly something for everyone in this DVD. Young kids and teens will like having a hand in helping plan the trip and choose places to visit as well as using the tools and games provided on the disc. Another point that I found very useful was how you could watch the DVD in segments versus having to go through the whole thing each time.

There are over 25 locations featured on this award-winning, family-created DVD. TripFLIX is sure to help you and your family not just plan your next vacation but have fun while doing it. To order this DVD visit here.


Britny said...

Wow..! That DVD is really very useful for our vacation trips.