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August 4, 2008

Seventh Generation Products = No Guilt

If you are like me you are continuously looking for ways to help out the environment. Whether it's recycling more, buying green products or eliminating the use of napkins in your house there are many small steps you can take to be nicer to your planet. Seventh Generation is very aware of that and has created a complete line of household cleaners that help you clean while being green. There are never any harsh fumes, they do not test on animals and the products are biodegradable. Seventh Generation also discloses all ingredients used in each product and to me that is worth its weight in gold. I recently tried a few and was quite pleased with the results.

All Purpose Cleaner- This all purpose cleaner does everything but clean your hardwood floors, though it is great for mopping. It de-greases your stove, cleans your counter tops and works beautifully on bathrooms. It can also be used inside or outside the house. The green mandarin and leaf scent is light and not harsh at all. I was quite pleased with how shiny my bathroom counters were once I used it. I did not need to use a lot of this cleaner or even scrub hard at the dried up toothpaste in my sink. It wiped away easily.

Kitchen Cleaner- The wild orange and cedar spice of this kitchen cleaner smells great. It's kosher-certified and contains no glycol ethers either. It's safe and easy to use and it cleaned up my kitchen stove hood and range in no time with little effort. It's a great de-greaser and worked well inside my microwave as well as my sink and my refrigerator. My counter tops were wiped clean and it even took away a berry stain which surprised me.

Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner- Loved this one! The ruby grapefruit and herb scent had me wanting to use it on more than my mirrors and chrome fixtures around the home. It smelled so wonderful it was almost yummy. Yet it was not overpowering and cleaned so well I wish the scent was used more often in other Seventh Generation products. Again, as will all the other cleaners this one had no harsh fumes, is not tested on animals and is hypo-allergenic and biodegradable.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner- Scented in Emerald Cypress and Fir this toilet bowl cleaner really works! It comes out clear and really adheres to the sides of the bowl. With minimal scrubbing with the toilet bowl brush my toilet literally gleamed! Gone were the water lines and other grime and all that was left was a very clean toilet with no fumes or chemicals being deposited into the water. I also loved how the bottle has an easy pour spout like other bowl cleaners and that it comes in a generous 32 ounce size bottle. This cleaner will last a long time.

Tub and Tile Bathroom Cleaner- Also scented with Emerald Cypress and Fir this cleaner helps to prevent and reduce soap scum on your bathroom surfaces like your tub and tile work. I used it for just that purpose spraying it around my shower stall every few days. Even while enclosed in the small space I was not inundated with a strong odor unlike other bathroom cleaners. It really did help prevent soap scum and while it took a bit more vigorous scrubbing on some of the tougher, older stains it cleaned my shower fairly well. On my seldom used jacuzzi tub it made a huge difference. The dust that accumulates there is horrific as is the hair spray, perfume and other products that make the dust stick like glue to the sides of the tub. This cleaner worked wonders on that sticky mess.

There are a host of other Seventh Generation products like baby, household paper products (recycled), Free and Clear (no dyes or perfumes), laundry, dishwashing and even feminine care items. Visiting the Seventh Generation website allows you to sign up fast and easy for coupons and other great deals plus learn about other simple ways to help take care of the planet. What I love most about Seventh Generation is that while they really work, unlike some other natural cleaners I've tried in the past, they also help the earth and keep my family safe. Seventh Generation is not just no guilt it is also peace of mind.

Purchase your Seventh Generation products here. While available in most health stores, Wegmans and other places you can also buy them online, including in bulk (great for baby products!) at Amazon. I find the prices comparable to the name brand cleaners at all these places.